About Bold Moves

BOLDmoves - meaningful interventions for business, organization & leadership development - was founded in 2018. Since then it's focus has been on Executive Coaching and on Organization Consulting.


In our Executive Coaching we have been helping leaders and talents to make lasting and major improvements in:

  • Cross-Cultural Communication and Leadership: Coaching on how to effectively communicate and lead teams from diverse cultural backgrounds. This includes understanding cultural nuances, managing across cultures, and developing global leadership styles.
  • Strategic Thinking and Decision-Making: Enhancing abilities to formulate, articulate, and execute strategic initiatives that align with both local and global business objectives.
  • Team Leadership and Development: Coaching on leading international teams, fostering teamwork, and developing high-performing teams in a distributed and culturally varied environment.
  • Executive Presence and Influence: Building a strong executive presence and learning to effectively influence and inspire stakeholders globally.
  • Change Management: Developing skills to manage, lead, and sustain change in dynamic international markets. This involves understanding the impacts of change on different stakeholder groups and devising strategies to manage transitions smoothly.
  • Conflict Resolution: Techniques and strategies to handle and resolve conflicts that arise in a multinational setting, focusing on negotiation and mediation skills tailored to diverse cultural contexts.
  • Personal Leadership Style: Helping leaders identify their own leadership style, understand its impact (on different cultures), and adapt it to be effective in a variety of settings.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Enhancing leaders' emotional intelligence to better understand, empathize, and interact successfully with others in a global context.
  • Ethical Leadership and Corporate Governance: Guidance on navigating ethical dilemmas and promoting ethical practices within the business, particularly relevant when dealing with different regulatory and cultural environments.
  • Performance Management: Strategies for evaluating and improving performance, both at an individual and team level, in a multinational company.
  • Work-Life Balance and Stress Management: Coaching on managing the pressures and demands of work, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


In our Organization Consulting we have been helping organizations and its leadership teams on:

  • Strategic & Organization Alignment
  • Organization Effectiveness & Efficiency
  • Organization Transformation & Change Management (incl. Program Management)
  • Organization Culture & Employee Engagement
  • Leadership Assessment & Top Team Effectiveness
  • HR Effectiveness & HR Transformation