Leadership Development

What kind of leadership do we need and how do we develop our leaders towards this?
We believe that organizations need BOLD Leaders, leaders who work on:

  • Developing their Business
  • Developing their Organization
  • Developing their Leadership

And BOLD Leaders are courageous. Courageous to address key strategic and operational issues, with determination and with tact, without denial and without excuses. And they are courageous to reflect on their own effectiveness and to continuously learn and improve. We work together with you to identify, select and/or develop BOLD Leaders and a BOLD & Open Leadership Culture.



How to accelerate the individual development of our leaders, future leaders and talents so that they become (even) more effective, whatever the challenges they are facing?
We offer Executive Coaching that works. Most of our coaching engagements are based on the principles and methodology of Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching. Marshall’s highly successful approach to Executive Coaching includes a strong emphasis on the involvement of stakeholders, implementation of change and follow-through to measure growth in leadership effectiveness. It is a highly effective, transparent, structured and time efficient process. 
Depending on organizational and individual needs, we design tailored approaches, hereby striking the right balance between providing insights (both behavioural and psychological – with 360 feedback and psychometrics), working on attitudes and beliefs, and working directly towards behavioural change and visible results. Coaching assignments normally last 6 to 12 months and encompass 6 to 10 sessions to ensure lasting impact.



How do we become the best performing team in the industry?
A team’s performance is not only determined by the sum of its intellectual capabilities, but most of all by its alignment on ambition and agenda, its team dynamics, and the level of mutual trust. We help you to unlock the full potential of the team and to develop it to high performance. We identify and address barriers to high performance. We help the team to build healthy team dynamics based on increased mutual trust. We help the team to truly and deeply align on purpose, ambition, strategy, goals, roles and ways of working. Based on the specific situation and needs of your business, organization and team, we will set up a customized structured approach for the team coaching, thus ensuring the best possible results.



What kind of leadership do we need to achieve our ambition and goals?
As experts in Organizational Culture and Leadership Behavior we will help you to identify what kind of (BOLD) Leadership Culture and (BOLD) Leadership Behavior are needed to achieve your company’s ambitions and goals. We will also help you in developing and embedding this Culture and Behavior in an inspiring, structured and sustainable way.



How do we best develop the capabilities needed and unleash the potential of our talents?
Based upon the characteristics and needs of your organization, we can design and implement customized talent management solutions that will work for your business. This includes talent management processes and leadership development programs that support the achievement of key business objectives, the development of organizational culture and capabilities, and the identification, assessment and development of leadership talent. Talent Management should not take place in isolation but should be at the heart of the organization’s approach and initiatives to business, organization and leadership development. Together with you we will make it work!



How do we design effective and meaningful development programs for our (future) leaders?
Leadership development programs need to be aligned with and support the achievement of the business strategy. Our programs will develop the leadership competencies which are crucial for achieving this strategy. We build a program which offers new perspectives, insights, experiences and energy, and which will have high and longlasting added value for the business and its (future) leaders. The programs will be tailored to your needs and will be business relevant and can consist of a nice blend of faculty on key topics, business relevant assignments, group meetings, assessment, coaching and on-the-job learning.



Which choices are best for career development and happiness at work?
Making the right choices in your career is not easy. We help you manage your journey through life, learning and work. We help you in learning to know yourself and the environment better, and we support you in facing and analyzing difficult situations, staying true to yourself and in making the best possible choices for the future. We believe in a step-by-step approach and evolution, also to ensure that you stay true to yourself and to build solid foundations for next steps. Many small steps can make a major change and your dreams come true. We take a holistic and pragmatic approach to career counseling, taking into account all elements impacting your career development and happiness at work and in life. We are very happy to support you in your life and career journey.