Organization Development

How do we build an organization that realizes its full potential and strategic objectives?

We strongly believe in the concept of purpose-driven open organizations. Organizations with a meaningful purpose can create enormous positive value, for customers, for employees, for society. They have the ability to improve the world. And that is what inspires people to join. Organizations with a meaningful purpose will achieve their full potential when their organizations are truly open. An open organization is an organization open to anyone who agrees to abide by its purpose and principles, with maximum transparency, authenticity, inclusivity, collaboration, adaptability, empowerment, accountability and equality. Open organizations are more successful over a longer-time span as they are more agile, more resilient, more innovative, more competitive and more engaging. See also (coming soon).
In our Organization Development consulting practice, the principles of purpose-driven open organizations are leading. By doing this we together will build more effective and more successful organizations.



What is the right organization culture for us and how do we build this?
culture eats strategy 2An organization’s culture determines to a large extent whether its strategy is successful or not. But changing your culture is not easy. It should be addressed carefully and wisely. The organizations culture is the basic personality of an organization, the essence of how its people interact and work. It is the self-sustaining pattern of behavior that determines how things are done. It’s the result of years and years of encouraging and discouraging certain behaviors. These behaviors can be functional or dysfunctional.

We believe that an organizations culture can best be changed by focusing on critical behaviors that need to be strengthened. Behaviors that are essential in realizing a company’s strategic objectives and establishing a more purpose-driven open organization. When behaviors change also mind-sets will change over time. We can help you in building a culture change approach and program focusing on critical behaviors and addressing all forces that make up culture, including underlying values and beliefs. We do this in the spirit of creating a truly open organization.



How doe we successfully transform our organization?
change 1In a fast-changing world, organizations regularly need to re-invent themselves and companywide transformations may be needed, including a.o. organization redesign, restructuring, and mergers & acquisitions. Successful transformations turn separate initiatives into a balanced, integrated and comprehensive approach of companywide change, in which all levels of the organization are actively involved. Led and managed in an inspiring, authentic, structured and compelling way.

We design and facilitate transformation programs that work, building on our experience and expertise. We address all elements of successful change and apply proven methodologies.



How do we ensure that the intended results are achieved, now and in the future?
change 1Over time organizations and its processes have the tendency to become less effective and less efficient. In the organization effectiveness review, we identify the gaps between desired results and actual results, the root-causes of these gaps, and what needs to be done to close these gaps. We look into all elements that drive organizational performance: strategy, stakeholder needs, capabilities needed, results, culture, structure, processes, people, rewards, and underlying values & beliefs. We look at these elements separately one by one, but most importantly also in its interdependence. All elements need to fit and be well aligned in order to make organizations work in the most effective way.



What is our productivity and how can we improve this?
efficiency 2With our systematic approach we will support you in identifying slack in your organization. Either by distinguishing between value adding and less value adding activities, or by identifying processes and activities that require more time and resources than strictly needed. We work on productivity improvement both on organization, process, team and individual level, making use of benchmarking when relevant.



How can we best design our organization for success?
efficiency 3Together with you we will design an effective and efficient organization that best fits your situation and that provides the best foundation to achieve your strategic objectives. In designing your future organization, we apply modern insights and proven methodologies.






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